through the heart flow

Welcome to the Core~

Within, you may find entries playing with perception and metaphors. As a cognitive science major, I write to dance with consciousness.

I appreciate writing as an expressive threshold through the human heart. Reasons evolve through the seasons but remain true, through and through. A natural flowing journey—through the hills and valleys of life—provides abundant sorts of observations and experiences. My writing is often objective and detached from present physical-idealized reality but influenced by my personal path. Brace o’self…

In general, my primary focus is developing and maintaining a significant role—interlocking the rise of human consciousness among the world. I value education and enjoy such means to cultivate stable growth and curiosity—always have—and imagine I always will follow such a pursuit of knowledge. Let my entries represent transitions, creative growth, human progression, love… Rather, let there be light

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Much love, Mauleigh ‘Kee ❤
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Cosmic Pulse
528 hz. 

IMG_1988.jpgw’en thrown tomatoes
try a bite, taste somethin’ new
’tis a gift of life, 
after all you knew


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